Movist 0.6.8

Simple and powerful media player


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Excellent playback quality
  • Encodes Quicktime and FFmpeg on the fly


  • Doesn't support Apple remote

Very good
Movist is a simple but powerful player for Mac which distinguishes itself with its high quality capture features.

It supports QuickTime and FFmpeg and also supports subtitles. You can watch videos in full screen mode and it allows you to switch instantly between different aspect ratios from default to widescreen. It seems that Movist has been designed as a replacement for Quicktime although unfortunately, it doesn't support the Apple remote like the former does.

You can configure keyboard shortcuts to fast-forward and rewind Movist videos but it's the encoding features that will appeal to the majority of users. You can switch between Quicktime and FFmpeg on the fly which is something definitely not available with Quicktime with which you need Perian installed to encode into FFmpeg.

Extremely lightweight, great for subtitles and excellent for those that need to encode and decode Quciktime and FFmpeg formats, Movist is generally an excellent all round video player.

Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes


Movist 0.6.8

User reviews about Movist

  • by Anonymous

    Was the best for subs, now it's the worst..
    After the last update subtitle settings window became much less hand...   More

  • by Anonymous

    Does not support subtitles.
    Most people said the subtitles do not work on this one, even on the latest version. ...   More

  • by Anonymous

    Nice .
    Since the last update it does support the Apple Remote, but I still can't find a way to take snapshots. (...   More

  • by Anonymous

    Goold looking and versatile player that shows much promise.
    Love the look of this player )1.0.2 on Mac) and its ...   More

  • by Anonymous

    Very remarkable player with unique advanced feautures.
    Movist is not just another Mac player, set of its feature...   More